[Submerged]: Matthew Brandt’s Lakes and Reservoirs

Sometimes the natural world around us has as much of an artistic spirit as we do, even if it’s unintentional. Matthew Brandt is a Californian photographer that doesn’t mind getting a little assistance from the elements in creating his work. His latest collection of images, shot in 2011 and collectively titled Lakes and Reservoirs, focused on exactly what its name suggests: lakes and reservoirs. The interesting thing about the photographs is that he actually involved the H2O from each body of water in the final development process.

Carrying his camera and an empty five-gallon jug to each location, he captured his images and then collected water from each lake. After returning to the studio and making prints of his shots, he let nature complete the work. He submerged each print in the collected water and allowed it to break down the image into a completely new piece of work. Based on the density and make-up of the water sample, each photograph is broken down in a completely unique way. The transformation left amazing new visuals that represent each body of water, not only in sight, but in body. Check out some of his final products below. If you’re in the New York City area, head over to the Yossi Milo Gallery┬áin Chelsea between now and June 20th to see his ‘Lakes, Trees and Honeybees’ exhibit up close and in person.