[Vector Visuals]: Tad Thompson

About a week ago, I saw this dope little avatar in my Twitter timeline. It belonged to this guy that I’ve followed for a while who goes by the Twitter handle @TadMichaell. He created this vector image of his face and placed it over a bed of roses and it looked so simple, yet spectacular. For those of you who don’t know, vector images are basically cool digital illustrations made using special lines, curves, and other geometrical primitives in Photoshop. They usually have a fun, cartoonish feel and they can be used to create some really energetic pieces of art. To my completely pleasant surprise, I saw an instagram notification from him on Saturday saying, [#Random #Art @jovelroystan one of my fav instagrammers]. When I clicked on it, this is what I saw:

Jovel Roystan x Tad Michaell Thompson x [the no names]

Needless to say, I was shocked; and within seconds, I had reached out to discover more of what he’s all about. With a love for art & fashion and 5 years of design experience under his belt (which began with him teaching himself before actually getting his degree in web and graphic design), Tad Thompson is letting his creative energy flow far and wide.

Tad Michaell Thompson x [the no names]

At the ripe, young age of 23, he’s developed a rising t-shirt brand titled Style With A Purpose (SWAP) and that’s just the beginning. HisĀ pop art-inspired vector visuals and t-shirt line are only the first piece of the puzzle. If you check out his instagram (or just look below), you’ll see a few characters he’s developed. We chatted this weekend and he’s interested in eventually developing a comic book to incorporate into his growing brand. I think it’ll turn out pretty cool once it comes along. I think it’s clear that he’s found an arena that he’s well-equipped to play in. Check out some of his work below and follow him on instagram for a constant flow of creative vibes.

Twitter x @TadMichaell
Instagram x @TadMichaell