[The Absence Letter] – Pt. 2

So, if you read [The Absence Letter] – Pt. 1, then you know that I had a valid excuse for being pretty low key for most of October, but I still have some explaining to do for November.

I serve as the Vice President for the Marketing Association here at Morehouse, and our second annual Creative Boot Camp took place earlier this month. The CBC is all about tapping into one’s creative resources, developing an idea, and learning how to flesh those ideas out. Basically, we bring in creative experts from some of the nation’s top advertising agencies and organizations, such as Publicis, JWT, and The One Club, and we get creative! We’re given a brand and a creative brief, which you can compare to a recipe in a cookbook, and we form a creative, strategic vehicle for the brand to put into motion in order to achieve a certain objective. It’s really cool and this year, we did our best to bring in students from outside of the business department at Morehouse to emphasize that creativity is a universal element that belongs in all industries.

My team worked hard over the 3-day weekend to build a campaign that would stand out and grab the judges’ attention and, apparently, we achieved that goal. We took home the first-place prize and a textbook’s worth of knowledge about the creative process. It was an awesome experience and my brain was completely exhausted afterward. It took me a while to recover, but I quickly got back to the real world.

The Absence Letter Pt. 2 3

Not too long after finishing the boot camp, I found myself busy preparing for another big event. Daniel White, one of my little brothers on campus asked me to teach a workshop on personal branding for his Resident Advisor (RA) program. He wanted me to talk to some of the students about stepping into the role of an upperclassmen on campus and developing a brand that compliments that role. Needless to say, I was excited for the opportunity and honored that he asked me to teach the class.

The Absence Letter Pt. 2

I was surprised at the turnout that we had, considering that most RA programs here pull in an average of about 8 people, but the event went really well, we had a good crowd, and I got some great feedback afterward. I wanted the discussion to be just that, a discussion, and not a lecture, so I kept the floor open and tried to make it personal and relatable. I broke down my advice into twelve tips and reminders that I think have worked for me and will work for others. Check them out:

  1. Know yourself. – Understand who you are and figure out what you believe in.
  2. Stop and think… – Think about what you want to do and what you want to be known for.
  3. Map it out. – Set goals and have a game plan.
  4. Get out there and go hard. – Get your hands dirty and show people what you’ve got.
  5. Carry yourself like a king. – Think of yourself in the manner that you want others to think of you and play that role. (*Disclaimer: That doesn’t mean be fake and pretend to be something you’re not. It means carry yourself as if you’re already living the life you want.)
  6. Be bold and be different. – Stand out and stand for something.
  7. Find someone that set the way. – Find people that inspire you and can teach you. Learn what you need to from them.
  8. Get into conversation. – As in, get your name into other people’s conversations. Be someone worth talking about.
  9. The camera’s always on. – People are always watching. Guard your reputation at all costs.
  10. Make yourself an experience. – Be someone that makes people feel something each time they interact with you.
  11. The clock doesn’t stop. – Use each second of your time wisely. The clock never stops. Take advantage of that.
  12. Don’t get comfortable. – I think that explains itself…

I’m glad to say that the semester’s starting to wind down at this point, Thanksgiving break is right around the corner, and it looks like I’ll have some more time to spend with you guys. Go ahead and add us back to your bookmark bar. We have some more stuff coming for you guys.