“The Experience” x Nate Edwards

My friend Nate Edwards, a rising videographer and fellow Morehouse man, sent me the link for the documentary he did on my school’s cultural exchange in Bangkok last semester. As I laid in bed watching it last night, I felt a sense of urgency to seize each day; to make a difference; to live. The guys spent two weeks in the capital of Thailand last winter and completed volunteer work, as well as a study abroad course, but most importantly, they got to experience something totally new. They got to see an entirely new side of this amazing world.

I’m posting this, not because I want you guys to learn about Bangkok or my [amazing] alma mater, but because I want to encourage you to actively seek out new experiences and enjoy as much as you can in this life. Yes, it’s the summertime, a time to relax, party, and have fun, but do more. Do something life-changing. Do something empowering. Do something bold and new.

There’s so much more out there. Go and find it.