[Morning Inspiration]: The Foundation

I woke up this morning to a Vimeo link in my Twitter mentions that got my day started off on the perfect track (thanks @Branduex). The Foundation is a branding firm based in New York City and they’re well on the rise to the top. Working with brands including Marshall (yeah, like the amps), Incase, Generic Surplus, G-Shock, and several others, it’s clear to see that they’re client catalog is major. It’s awesome seeing a group of young [brand architects] getting together to do something brilliant on their own and redefining this amazing field of work. They’re doing exactly what I look forward to doing in the future. Wow. All of this motivation before I’ve even eaten breakfast. I like to think that inspiration is the most important meal of the day. Check it out.

We’re in New York City. Man, we wanna own buildings.