The Influence: Steve Stoute

Approximately three months ago, R+I Creative presented a short documentary entitled “Influencers“. The documentary highlighted what it meant to be an influencer and “How Trends & Creativity become Contagious” within the Music, Fashion and Entertainment industries of today. Recently, R+I Creative released yet another informative video, this Time featuring Branding extraordinaire, Steve Stoute.

Steve Stoute is the CEO and Founder of Translation, a management firm that orchestrates partnerships between Fortune 500 companies and Pop Culture icons. Steve Stoute was inducted into the American Advertising Hall of Fame in 2009 and is considered one of the most influential beings within today’s Entertainment Marketing industry. You can consider Stoute to be a POWER player considering some of his clients are; Samsung, McDonalds, Target as well as Rihanna and Lady Gaga. A firm believer in a strong relation between an Artist and a Brand, Steve Stoute acknowledges how the creative industries are all intertwined and the importance of a powerful bond between the two. Your BRAND should be one of which you plan strategically and fully understand. It should be organic and of course marketable. The first step is realizing your potential. The second is building.