The New Factory

The New Factory 1

Each new year always comes right on time and bearing gifts. MMXII walked in the party with bottles of champagne and loads of change. I brought in the new year with Marquis Phifer at an exclusive gathering in southeast Houston hosted by Terry Thierry. We counted down the last few seconds of 2011 with glasses and laughs and started the new year right with a bangin’ mix of “Dirty Southern” classics.

The New Factory 2

The New Factory 3

The New Factory 4

The New Factory 5

The last 12 months have shown me that the people you surround yourself with rub off on you in more ways than one; some big and others small. I love how the iconic Andy Warhol was constantly in the company of his “Factory People,” a cohort of amazingly unique and creative individuals that made his world go around. Last night sparked a vision; a vision of a new type of Factory People. 2012 has officially been crowned the year for the new kids on 5th Avenue. These new kids make up what I call the New Factory. They’re my people. There’s an awesome year ahead and you’ll know us when you see us.

The New Factory 6


The New Factory 7

The New Factory 8



The New Factory 9

Happy 2012.