The Visual Life of Scott Schuman

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Passions aren’t always the result of long-developed dreams stemming from childhood. Sometimes they come out of nowhere. It becomes a matter of reacting rather than seeking or chasing, and when it’s right, you’ll pick up on it like it’s instinct. Scott Schuman of the The Sartorialist did.

It’s almost like going out there and letting yourself fall in love a little bit everyday; letting yourself be seduced a little bit everyday.

Scott Schuman‘s love for photography wasn’t something that started as a child. Growing up with an interest in fashion, photography eventually fell into his lap and he’s ran with it ever since. As he continued to grow in the field, this photographer’s unique style gradually became refined into the iconic one that is today, recognized through the industry of fashion (via the Sartorialist), as well as the world of photography. Schuman’s journey can serve as a parallel for us all. Three years ago, I never would have imagined that I’d develop an interest in fashion. Even more to the point, if you asked me what branding was a year ago, I probably wouldn’t have had a very good answer for you., so I find it amazing that I’ve submersed myself in the field since then. When that passion finally comes, don’t be afraid to act. Don’t be afraid to respond. You never know what your heart will respond to.

…the real joy of it is having those four or five hours a day to go out and just be in the world that you’re in; see it, keep your eyes open, and really relate to what you’re seeing; react to what you’re seeing.