[tnn shorts]: The Wonder Hospital x Shimbe Shim

Visual art is so much more than just fixed paintings on a wall or sculptures in a museum. I think a lot of people overlook some of the other compelling avenues of art in the world, particularly, art in motion (i.e. animation). I recently came across LIQUIDTV, an awesome site from MTV filled exclusively with great animated shorts and series. I’m thinking MTV must have been very low key when they released this online extension (and rebirth) of their old 90′s show, Liquid Television–the site dropped back in 2012, but I heard nothing about it until last week. Either way, I’m glad I found it. The content is awesome.

I watched a short film on my lunch break today–an award-winning piece of work by B. Shimbe Shim called The Wonder Hospital. It was fascinating. With all of its weirdness and strange oddities, you can’t help but wonder how he came up with it all. Was it a dream, a nightmare, or just something out of his twisted subconscious? The imaginative elements of the film, like the typing gloves and creepy, yellow-man assembly line, as well as the 3D touches, make for a great piece of conceptual work. Plus, the way that the entire hospital works in such an automated (and frightening) fashion is really fascinating. Although I felt a little more fear than wonder from this hospital, the message was thought-provoking and the film definitely kept my attention. Check it out.