“Experience is Everything” [The Brooklyn Circus]

Brand Detail: The Bkc

It was February 11, 2006 when the birth of a concept which is now an actualization known as The Brooklyn Circus manifested. This Mens and Womens boutique and lifestyle brand began in a small shop in Brooklyn, New York. The Brooklyn Circus prides itself on quality and consistency which has a lot to do with the influence that this brand is responsible for today in New York, San Francisco and even Worldwide. There is no denying a specially crafted Bkc garment, its quite obvious. A critical concept of exceptional Branding is to make sure your mission/message is clear, your product is distinct and offers something that others don’t, in addition to make the experience worthwhile so that people will continue to come back for more. The Brooklyn Circus understands each of those concepts and continues to grow in more ways than one. The Forecast recently sat down with Founder and Creative Director, Quigi Theodore and owner of The Bkc San Francisco Gade Garcia, where they discussed the various acts that take place within the Circus. Be sure to [read more] to check out the video and always remember that,“Experience is Everything.”