The Dress Code: Volume I Issue II.

Alert the media, prepare the city and steam your best garments. Not only is today my 21st Birthday [clap clap bravo], but it is the day before an event that will be talked about for months to come. We did it earlier this year but this time things are a little different and more “stuntastic” than ever. The Dress Code: Volume I, Issue II will take place tomorrow night- 9pm (February 26th, 2011) at Licquid Lounge located at 299 Peters Street, Atlanta GA 30313. The Dress Code is an event to promote networking, culture and art that embraces individual identity. This year we will have a Brand Lounge hosted by none other than THE NO NAMES where you can come network and order merchandise from Kreemo, Sci-Fli, Uppity Negro and Pryourity. Come out and experience a great time with the tastemakers of Atlanta as we celebrate fashion, music, art, culture, individuality AND my 21st birthday. The “paparazzi” will be out and flashing away. We suggest that you come camera ready. See you all tomorrow night!

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A few photos from The Dress Code: Volume I that took place earlier this year…