The Clock is Moving. Are You?

A friend of mine sent me a Youtube link a few minutes ago and I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw. The video, a music video, came from one of our little brothers from back in high school. I had no idea that he was into music, but I liked what I saw. The thing that I liked most about the video, though, is that he worked hard and made the right moves to get it done.

That’s what it’s really about right now. Working hard. Making moves. Being excellent. That little thing on the wall with the numbers and the two sticks (you know, the clock) is going to keep on moving, whether you’re moving with it or not. This summer, don’t just spend it on the couch or behind a computer. Start working toward some dreams. Write. Sing. Read. Practice. Work on getting better at whatever your heart tells you you’re here to do.

YouTube Preview Image[Tear Drops]
[Lee Adrian]