TNN Artist & Repertoire: Alex Jacke [#DFM]

Nothing inspires me more than seeing people my age following their dreams and doing what they are truly passionate about. One person who has been doing just that is none other than my boy, Alex Jacke. Its crazy how just a year and some months ago, we roamed the campus of Morehouse College together going back and forth to class, parties, and all that good ole’ college life kind of stuff. Lets just say that Alex has been working hard lately and it certainly has not gone unnoticed.

In 2011, this Los Angeles native decided to focus on his music career and take his gift to the next level. With thousands of YouTube views, late night writing sessions and networking opportunities, Alex was founded by Laney Stewart who positioned Jacke to sign his publishing deal with Universal Music Group. Alex has worked and written songs with many other artists but this moment right now is about his very own project.

Alex released his latest EP entitled #DFM today and made it available for everyone to enjoy. As I sat down in my room to listen to this EP, I soon realized that this music was created to put you in a particular kind of mood. Ya know; invite someone over, spend some nice quality time to “get to know” them better?! You’ll see exactly what I mean when you download it and take a listen for yourself.

This project is indeed #TNNapproved and is a reflection of the talent that Alex Jacke undoubtedly embodies.Regardless of what I just said and what you just read, I highly encourage you to download #DFW to see what all the hype is about. You can thank Alex now and thank us later!