TNN Approved Restaurant: Spin.

TNN APPROVED: Spin [The Spinning Pie, Pizza Lounge]

Assignments were completed and turned in, class was dismissed and it was now time to get a quick bite to eat before my busy evening of photo shoots/concept meetings for the up and coming brand out of New Orleans; [Heartbreakerz]. Andrew, Tracy and myself headed to one of my favorite streets in Atlanta to see what [Spin] was all about. Wood panels on the wall, plush chic seating, plasma televisions and dim lighting throughout set the mood in all the right ways. The menu consisted of various kinds of pizza, pasta and salads made just the way you want for extremely reasonable prices. The customer service was superb and not once was my cup empty. I spoke to Ronald, the manger of Spin about some upcoming events that are in the works and I am eager to see the growth of this establishment. Go check the place out for yourself and tell ‘em [The No Names] sent you!