[TNN Artist & Repertoire]: Toro y Moi

[the no names] x toro y moi x TNN A&R[the no names] x toro y moi x TNN A&R 2Life in New York is amazing, but every now and then, you need to escape from all of the concrete and noise. I’m currently on a train headed to Jersey for the weekend and I already feel myself slowing down. I think [Toro y Moi] is partly to blame. He’s leaking through my headphones and his music is like the perfect remedy right about now.

26 year-old Chazwick Bundwick, commonly know as Toro y Moi, is an indie pop artist from South Carolina with an electronic/synthopop feel and a total [chillout] vibe, which happens to be my favorite type of music. His sound fits perfectly in my iTunes library. Ever since I discovered Chillout Sessions XII back in March 2011, my taste in music has completely shifted to the indie/alternative side. I feel like it has more of an artistic element to it; like there’s actually something to appreciate. Plus, the artists are so much cooler (aesthetically and musically); case in point: Toro y Moi.

It’s clear that he has a good idea of what he considers cool; and he sticks to that regardless of what others think. He seems pretty comfortable with himself, which is refreshing, and even inspiring. I’ve been listening to his latest album, Anything in Return, back to back–at work, on the train, at home, in the gym–and it gets better with each listen. Check out this video of him in the studio recording High Living and listen to his album in Spotify to get a taste of the Chillout genre and some all-in-all really good music.