[Buyer Behavior]: Marc x Marc Jacobs

The grey skies seem to be a thing of the past (I hope so at least) and the insanely painful cold weather has taken a change for the better. With sunnier days and warmer temperatures, its time to transition wardrobes and get rid of a lot of the layers. My addiction to sunglasses has not weakened over the past couple of years and I still appreciate a nice pair of frames that not only block the sun but add to and complete the look. My most recent purchase happened to be these beauties from Marc by Marc Jacobs. They caught my eye as soon as I walked into the store and bring a bit of variety to my current collection. Normally I’m seen in a pair of black shades but as you all will see very soon if you haven’t already- I am switching a few things up. Tis the season, what frames will you be debuting this Spring/Summer?