[TNN On Set]: CAU x Think Different

Last month, my friends over at Clark Atlanta asked me to be a part of a really cool photo shoot for the annual CAU Spring Fashion Show. The direction, mood, and overall look of the shoot was [different], to say the least, but I’ve always thought that “different” was a great thing.

In fact, the name of the show this year is [Think Different]. I’ve known the creative team that’s putting the show together since I was a freshman, so I can guarantee that their quality of work is far from ordinary. It’ll definitely be a treat.

One of the directors took a few pictures for me around the set, so I can give you guys a nice look at all of the action. I’ll be sure to share more information on the show in the coming days, but for now, check out an inside look at the [Think Different] photo shoot.

It got hot on set (and not in the good way…)! It was toasty under those masks, but the perspiration was worth it.