#TNNTBT: [1966 --The Dapper Rebels of Los Angeles]

Fashions fade, style is eternal” said by the late Yves Saint Laurent is probably one of the most well known and truest statements that I have ever heard. I came across this #throwback LIFE Magazine article/shoot and felt it was worth sharing and a great representation of the infamous Laurent quote. During the summer of 1965 there were many riots that happened within the Watts neighborhood of Southern Los Angeles due to years of Police discrimination, denied access to high paying jobs and residential¬†segregation. Over 6 days there were 34 people killed, 1,032 injured and more than 3,000 arrests made. A year later, LIFE Magazine visited the site of some of the worst riots that the country has ever seen and these images are the product of doing so. The photo essay highlighted the areas street gangs but in my opinion happened to look like an editorial featuring some extremely dapper young men. Cardigans, Newsboy Hats, rolled up trousers and Wayfarers all make for a classic look that will be forever.