Fri[Day] to Friday [Night] with The No Names

Unpredictable days are now my favorite kind of days! There is no other way to put it quite frankly. Last Friday started off in the barbershop for what I thought would be a pretty chill relaxing day (for a change). Of course it was nothing but a “thought”. My boys, also known as “The Hu$tle Twins” but better known as Dee & Ricky were in Atlanta for the weekend. We all know that their trip wouldn’t have been complete if we didn’t run around the city and cause a little chaos. We ate good, we drank better, caused a riot in the mall and even enjoyed Sangria and Pasta at dinner with the influential Kenny Burns. Yes, I was a bit tired but it wasn’t over just yet. Jovel and I headed to three of our favorite girls, The Yes Maams¬†EP release party in Midtown to light up the night the best way we knew how. In a matter of hours we will be back at it once again. After a long week of productivity, we deserve it. Catch us if you can!