It’s not just a look, its a lifeSTYLE

With a full 18 hour class schedule at Morehouse College, meetings, study sessions and numerous events to attend; things can be a bit overwhelming at times for Jovel and myself. No matter how hectic our days can be, we always make sure that we look the part. Many assume that since we are both really into Fashion we like to play in our wardrobes, create looks, take photos and blog about it. Even though that statement may hold some truth to it, it’s a little more complex than just “creating a look”, its about creating a lifeSTYLE. Personal image has so much to do with your personal BRAND and it is the first thing people notice when you walk into a room. Create an image that not only sets you apart from the rest but leaves an [extraordinary] lasting impression with any and everyone you happen to come in contact with. You never know who’s watching. Be creative, be innovative, be Fearless, be smart. Be YOU!