TNN PRess: Gentlemen of The Month.

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The emails, tweets, comments and Facebook messages that we receive from our readers that express how much of an inspiration we are to them provokes a feeling inside that is unexplainable. When we first launched [The No Names] just one year ago, we had no idea the effect our daily lives, things we thought were “cool” and our future aspirations would have on anyone else. This is honestly just the beginning of our journey however, the love and support we have received thus far and continue to receive is something that makes what we do worth every second of it. A group of young individuals who look to us as an inspiration has featured us as [Gentlemen of the Month] on their newly launched website; The Giraffe by Gentleman State University. Earlier this month we sat down with the young Atlanta tastemakers and spoke about the origin of [The No Names], our future, as well as some words of wisdom as they embark on their very own journey. It was truly an honor and as always, a very humbling experience. Be sure to head over to their site to read the interview in its entirety.