Experimental Uniforms

First started as an experimental brand by SOPH.co, ltd in 2008, Uniform Experiment is not afraid to take the originals to new heights. The Uniform Experiment collections are “focused on key words composed of free ideas that is far from existing rules. Each item is designed with elaborate graphics, materials and color.” The collection reminded me of my childhood back in the 90′s with a bit of 80′s flava added in the mix. To top it all off, UE pays homage to the late and great pop culture artist/social activist, Keith Haring . The tailored pants, patterned scarves and studded bow-ties take a different approach on what the world recognizes as “street wear”. An approach that may have been experimental at first but makes perfect sense now. Check it out for yourself…

Uniform Experiment 2011 Fall/Winter Video Lookbook

YouTube Preview Image