[Global Footprints]: United Nude

If it weren’t for my complete inability to take care of a good pair of shoes for very long, I would be a total [sneakerhead]. With so many different styles, colors, brands, and effects to choose from, who wouldn’t want to be?! My boy, Matt, recently turned me on to United Nude, an international brand which creates tons of edgy footwear by incorporating unique architecture and detailing into each design. The other day, we ventured into NoHo to check out their shop and make a couple of special purchases.

[the no names] x United Nude 1
These are UN’s [Men's Hi Top Patent Leather Sneakers]. They’re equipped with patent leather detailing (duh), gold hardware, velcro’d straps and a supermasculine and [cool] visual that I couldn’t resist. The only thing I don’t like about them is that I can’t wear them everyday!

[the no names] x United Nude 2
I’ve never really been in love with the aesthetic that most designer shoe brands or fashion houses incorporate into their footwear; they usually do too much for me or just come off looking lame (in my opinion), so I don’t shop in the high-priced shoe arena often. And for obvious reasons, with a retail price of $379, I’m hesitant to jump on just any pair of luxury sneakers, but I couldn’t help but make these mine. I’d consider this a purchase well made.

[the no names] x United Nude 4