[Brand Spotlight]: Velvete Jewelry

The key to making a look your own and more memorable is not being afraid to accessorize. A brand that offers some pretty cool pieces for the ladies is none other than Velvete. The “Gilded City” series is the very first Velvete jewelry collection inspired by the intricacies and sumptuousness of sovereignty suggestive of great ancient empires, while simultaneously apt for the fast-paced-ness and practicality of life in the city. The collection is unquestionably an exemplar of profligacy and decadence with its ornate collar necklaces, imperious chandeliers, theatrical cuffs and pendants, and the ubiquity of pearls. Not only does this collection offer a variety of TNN approved pieces; none of them exceed $25 and some are as low as $6. Its afforable, its chic, its Velvete.

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