[Buyer Behavior]: The Virgin Poets Society, A Trovata Project

This summer, I’ve been reading through Icons of Men’s Style by Josh Sims and it’s helped me develop a new perspective on my wardrobe. The book is filled with iconic staples that have become immortalized in the Menswear Hall of Fame and I’ve found that there’s something awesome about a person that can make simple pieces speak louder than thousand-dollar luxury labels. The way I see it, there’s no need for a closet full of monograms, loud graphics, and extravagant prints when you have strong, timeless pieces that serve as the foundation of your closet.

With that said, my shopping eye has changed quite a bit lately. I’ve been really interested in solid, functional pieces that can be paired with other items while standing strong on their own; and this lightweight cotton popover jacket from The Virgin Poets Society matched that criteria, as well as others, perfectly. The Virgin Poets Society was created by John Whitledge, one of the creative founders of California brand Trovata, and celebrates individuality and the free-spiritedness of the beach culture of past decades. An advocate of developing one’s own trademark image, Whitledge encourages cultivating a personal style that lasts and evolves over a lifetime.

And, like Whitledge’s view of style, that’s one of the things I love about this jacket. Aside from just being a nice item, it’s simple and will translate well with a number of different looks over time. When you only follow trends, you wind up spending tons of money with each new season. Investing in, what I call, [immortal pieces] (or pieces that won’t really go out of trend), like this one, strengthens the long-term power of your wardrobe. I got mine for a steal at just $20, although the retail price is $100. You can get your hands on one right now while they’re on sale over at SVPPLY or Urban Outfitters. And check out more from The Virgin Poets Society. They’re a little low on the “brand radar,” but if you can find their merchandise, they have a lot of nice pieces that have that special immortal quality that I’m looking for. One last reminder: [BE CAREFUL with trends and BEWARE of "label whore syndrome."]