[A Connected Vision]: Visual Magazine x Kickstarter

There’s something inspiring about art. It’s indescribable, thrilling, and liberating. Furthermore, it’s a fluid, translatable language that connects, not only our different cultures and lifestyles, but different generations and time periods as well. Earlier this year, I was asked to contribute an article to an art magazine that was in the works called Visual Magazine and the opportunity was one that I couldn’t help but be excited about.

When I was in school, Survey of Visual Arts was my favorite course (despite my being a business major). Surprisingly, I may have been the only person in my class, possibly even the entire school that thought a look through history’s masterpieces was an interesting course, but needless to say, I got an A and a strong new interest in the arts. I’ve since developed this secret dream of being able to spit out facts and references about different artists and their works at the drop of a dime, but I think I have a long way to go before I get there, so the chance to fill a spot in this magazine sort of sufficed.

Check out the video above for an awesome preview of the first issue! 

I met with James Alexander, the editor of the magazine, earlier this summer and he showed me a nearly completed draft of the final product and I can’t wait to get my hands on the first issue. His team has spent [three years] pulling together work from all types of media, including painting, photography, fashion editorials, graphic design, writing, and tons more, and his repertoire of artists comes from across the globe. The publication’s ultimate goal is to shed light on some of the world’s most talented, rising artists (similar to what we do on [the no names]), while cultivating an enthusiastic love and appreciation of the visual arts and individual expression.

Two months after meeting with James, the first issue is finally completed and ready to be published. The next step is to raise some money to complete the publishing process, like printing, packaging, and shipping. Their Kickstarter page is life and in full effect. The goal is $4500USD by August 20th and any and all donations are greatly appreciated. With every $1000 raised, the Visual team will be giving away prize drawings, including copies of the publication (one of which will be signed by the team and featured artists). You can help bring the dream to reality by donating now. For more information on Visual Magazine, check out the Kickstarter or stay updated via their Twitter page and Website.