Walking on Thin Ice

For those of you who don’t know, Atlanta has been in a standstill for the past three days thanks to the “snow storm” that hit on Sunday. The campus is shut down and classes have been cancelled due to the ice all over the ground. We definitely don’t have to worry about anything like this back in Texas, but luckily I came back from the winter break well-prepared for the icy conditions. A little bit of thrift shopping can prepare a young man to brave even the worst of blizzards.

[Kenneth Cole Brown Leather Vera Gomma Boots, Rag-o-Rama, $38.50]

On the plus side, snow is the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a good pair of boots. Luckily, this season is full of designer pairs that can make even a Southern guy like myself wish for another snow day. There are a couple of awesome collaborations out right now, as well as some signature favorites. Whatever your choice may be, you’re sure to look good. You can’t go wrong with any of these…

Timberland Abington Gore-Tex, $200,

Timberland Colrain 8″, $340

Neil Barrett for Palladium, $275

Pointer Calum Work Boot, $275

L.L. Bean Duck Boot, $85

Red Wing Traction Tred Crepe Wedge Boots, $250

Sorel for Concepts, Men’s $180 Women’s $160

Caterpillar Abe TX Boot, $123

If you’re not looking to spend too much money, don’t be disappointed. Head over to any local thrift stores in your area and see what you can find. You’d be surprised at what treasures you can discover in a Goodwill. If you stay in the following cities, check out these areas for some good thrifting:

Houston –> Montrose

New Orleans –> Magazine St.

Atlanta –> Little Five Points