Words I Never Said x Lupe Fiasco

[Words I Never Said (ft. Skylar Grey)]
[Lupe Fiasco]

After last year’s amazing contribution to world of music, I’ve been slightly worried about whether or not 2011 would be able to top or even match it, but one artist that I think will help this year bring it home is Lupe Fiasco. His upcoming (and long-awaited) third studio album, Lasers, is set to release on March 8th and I know his fans are [beaming] inside. It’s been a little over three years since Lupe dropped his last album, The Cool, in December 2007 and a new LP has been long overdue. “Words I Never Said” was released about an hour ago and is the second single from the new album. The track features vocals from Grammy-nominated Skylar Grey, an artist/songwriter that’s been getting her own recent buzz lately thanks in part to her feature on Diddy’s “Coming Home”. Lupe’s verses plus Skylar’s execution of the chorus equals one killer track. Check it out.