Sweet Tooth: Wrist Candy

With the heat wave that has been taking over the east coast lately, its a little hard to wear clothes, be comfortable and not sweat buckets. There are days when I walk the streets of NYC and I feel as though I am back in Atlanta where many days in the summer months are unbearable. When I’m not in the office or at some event that requires a bit more, I tend to keep it simple and sweat proof. The best way to do this is to accessorize with what I call [wrist candy].

Many of the bracelets that I own I have acquired over the past few months. From the typical stores that everyone is familiar with such as H&M to those hidden shops hidden within avenues and not to forget the street vendors. All shapes, sizes, colors and materials– you can find it all. Some days less is more and some days I want to wear them all– and do just that. I’ve always been known to live life by my own rules. Indulge in life. Its short, sweet and cures any and all cravings if you live it right.