Last night, I went to the midnight premiere of Project X for a friend’s birthday and left the theater shaking with excitement. This might be one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while. After recovering this morning, I thought about how each decade’s teen culture has been defined in film history: the 80′s had “cute” blockbusters like Sixteen Candles, while the 90s brought us American Pie, and the 2000s got real with films like Thirteen. Maybe the generations are becoming more tainted as each decade passes, but I think the 2010s have found their defining film. Project X takes us there: no lies, no censorship, just raw realness, all from a dope, first-person perspective.

Projext X x TNN x Poster

If you’re unfamiliar with Project X, it premiered last night in theaters across the country and takes us through 24 hours in North Pasadena, where Thomas Kub is celebrating his 17th birthday. He and his two friends throw an unexpectedly legendary party that, to put it lightly, is one for the history books. Before dawn breaks, their quaint little neighborhood is disfigured, lives are changed, and one or two or SIXTY rules are broken. It was epic; or [game-changing], as Costa would put it! Going to an HBCU, our parties are a little different than what you’ll find in this film, so you can imagine my complete shock and fascination throughout the movie. Before I die, I HAVE to party like this. Of course, I can pass on the flamethrowers though. This will definitely get added to my movie collection when it’s released on DVD, but for now, check out the trailer below and go see Project X in theaters now.

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