As the clock ticks away, [4.22.11] draws ever closer and a good friend of ours has something very special in store for you guys. Kam Parker, an Atlanta native and Man of Morehouse, has been singing and writing for years and tomorrow marks the release of his debut mixtape, XXII.

He’s been grinding for months in the studio, promoting throughout the city, and setting all of the right pieces in place for tomorrow’s premiere. He’s bringing you four tracks that will give you an up close and personal look at his talents in and out of the booth.¬†Kam produced each aspect of this special EP, from the musical composition to the vocal arrangements, and he’s excited to share his gifts with you all. The mixtape will be released for free tonight at midnight. Be sure to download your copy at KamParker.com. To add to the excitement, Kam is hosting an EP release party this weekend¬†in conjunction with 88th & Mifland, another growing brand in Atlanta. It’s all going down this Saturdy [4.23.11] at Cloud IX at 177 Peters St., Atlanta, GA 30313. The party will last from 10 until, there’s free entry all night, and the guys will be giving away some good merchandise. Don’t miss out.

Get your first listen to Kam Parker’s XXII right now. You can catch a snippet of his single So Happy below. Also, don’t forget to download your copy of XXII in a few hours. It drops as soon as the clock strikes 12!

[So Happy]
[Kam Parker]