Young [Visionaries]: Shikeith Cathey

He’s on my list with Terry Richardson, Juergen Teller, Craig McDean and Conan Thai; A few of my favorite photographers. My list couldn’t be complete without my good friend and insanely talented Visual Artist Shikeith Cathey. I met Shikeith just last year as we collaborated as two of the Creative Directors for an upcoming  publication that will be launched soon. After many intense conversations about life, art, love, music, twerk teams and goals Shikeith is not only an Artist that I respect tremendously but he is also a friend of mine that challenges me to go above and beyond. His [Artist Statement] pretty much sums it all up:

“My work examines the societal, cultural and political misconceptions involved in being viewed as black in America. In my work, I often place negative connotations of blackness in front of the viewer in an effort to engage them into comparing the subject matter to their honest perspective. I have been influenced by bigoted historical propaganda and how it was used to control black image in western culture. My work connects then to now- and how those previous actions still control modern day reaction towards black people. I build upon the experiences I have encountered in interaction with those conceived ideas of black image. I am reacting to what causes an individual to walk faster when I am walking behind them- or in turn, what causes me to cross the street when a group of black males are coming towards me. My subject matter consistently revolves around creating an experience that causes a discomfort and desire for change. Though I do not limit myself to the tools I use to create those experiences- the photographic process and film are mediums that I can accurately represent the human form and essence. The people in my work are created in an exaggeration to truthfully depict a stereotype. Fashion and beauty are also used as a device to get people involved with the imagery. My work serves as a voice in contributing towards evolving the American image of black people in a positive direction.”

There really isn’t too much more that needs to be said. If you’re ever in need of some inspiration and/or just want to witness some mind blowing imagery; both still and in motion check out Shikeith’s work here (Official Website) and here (Tumblr). Much if not all of his work is very conversational; let us/him know what you think. Lets talk!