[TNN Artist & Repertoire]: Yuna

Spotify proves itself to be one of the greatest online social networks of the moment each time I use it. Last night, as I searched through what my friends were listening to in the People List sidebar, I was introduced to Yuna, a 25-year old Malaysian singer and songwriter whose soft voice brings a warm smile to my face. Describing her music as a mix of Mary Poppins and Coldplay, this guitar-playing, indie/folk rock artist signed with FADER LABEL in NYC back in February 2011 and released her self-titled American debut LP back in April.

She’s been getting a lot of positive buzz from the hip-hop community, including Russell Simmons and Pharrell Williams, who produced her single, “Live Your Life.” One listen to her album and you can see why. She brings something different to the table; something refreshing. Check out her video below and you’ll see a special aura in her eyes. It’s almost as if she looks at the world differently than the rest of us. There’s a beautiful spirit behind this young woman and her music. Experience it for yourself.

YouTube Preview Image[Live Your Life]

Click here to check out the rest of her self-titled debut album for free on Spotify.
[Be sure to listen to Lullabies, See You Go, Fading Flower, and Islands. They're my favorites.]