Best Dressed Men: BET Awards 2015 [Kenneth’s Picks]

If you were in Los Angeles last night, the 2015 BET Awards at the Staples Center was the place to be. I absolutely love award shows and this year the BET Awards had some buzz worthy moments that I am sure will go down in music history. The Bad Boy performance was legendary, Janet Jackson receiving the Icon Award was much deserving and the fact that Tamar Braxton and K.Michelle were able to squash their beef and share the stage with Mama Patti was everything. While many tuned in for the show at 8PM, I was glued to the television screen during the pre-show. Yes, the awards and performances were cute but I am always most concerned with who is wearing what. Right now I am covering my picks for best dressed men of the night below but next year the plan is to be live and part of the action — Terrence J and Lloyd Boston, make room for ya boy, i’ll see you two next year!

1. Big Sean

This guy really knows how to show up at a red carpet and own it. Whether he is in a moto jacket, black tux, or something in between; he kills it. I love that he decided to wear a simple t-shirt under this amazing peak lapel jacket, tuxedo pants, and black chelsea boots. He looks extremely dapper without overdoing it. The subtle gold accessories was a nice touch and his “IDFWU” facial expression lets us all know that he is fully aware that he is giving a look worth talking about — sans Ariana.

2. Michael B. Jordan

It fits well, its a color that most men would probably think twice about, and the tie is just the right amount of “pop” he needed to make you do a double-take. Making this Sandro suit the perfect choice for the BET Awards. When it comes to “red carpet” events, Men often think of a typical black suit (maybe grey or navy for the “risk takers”); but that gets boring — FAST. Knowing your audience is key and a man wearing color on the red carpet that doesn’t scream “heyyyy, look at me, I want attention” while understanding the importance of fit, is a man that is worthy of making my best dressed list. Job well done Michael.

3. Diggy Simmons

Is it me or does it feel like Diggy has grown up right before our eyes?! This is definitely not the same Diggy that use to wear over-sized tee’s, snapbacks and cargo shorts on the MTV hit show, Run’s House. Diggy is 20 years old yet has put many of his peers (and those even older than him) to shame recently. I love the printed blazer, air tie (because a tie with a suit all the time is a thing of the past), paired with the grey trousers and smoking slippers. This look is the perfect mix between sophistication and “yes, I am naturally this fly“.

4. Marcus Scribner

Of all my [best dressed] looks this one is on the more formal end of the spectrum, which is totally fine and much appreciated. One of the most effective ways to give personality to a look is to play with color and texture. Both of which, this amazing jacket is doing. If this jacket was black or even navy; it would have been a look that we’ve all seen on the red carpet far too many times. However, this red and black ditsy printed jacket makes a classic look fresh and exciting.

5. Miles Brown

Probably the youngest of them all, Miles was not playing on the playground with this look. I remember when people use to say that wearing red on a red carpet was a “no no” and I am extremely happy that “rule” is a dead. Miles hit us with the classic White Nubuck Derby shoe and a huge smile and I’m sure made a few fellas three times his age a little jealous. Talk about training up a child in the way he should go; he is certainly one to watch.

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#flashbackfriday: Buffy’s Back!

the no names x flashback friday buffy's back x jovel roystan 1Back in elementary school, I was good friends with this girl named Elizabeth Minder. Every day at recess, we’d play Buffy the Vampire Slayer and re-enact all the action from that week’s episode—her as Buffy, me as Spike, and a few other friends serving as our co-stars. It was so much fun! For this edition of #flashbackfriday, I thought I’d break out this throwback tee my best friend got me a while back. We’re probably the two most nostalgic people you’ll ever meet, so you can only imagine how pumped I was when I got it, not to mention how cool I felt all day wearing it.

the no names x flashback friday buffy's back x jovel roystan 2I broke out a few of my current favorite pieces to complete the look: my jodhpur boots, these black shredded denim jeans, and my Topman cropped blazer. I found a sweet little spot in Harlem to capture the moment and let all the memories come back. Between jumping around on those dope puzzle piece-like shapes and having my hair the same color as Spike’s back in the day, I felt like I was right back on the playground.

the no names x flashback friday buffy's back x jovel roystan 3 the no names x flashback friday buffy's back x jovel roystan 4If you ask me, there’s no stronger drug than nostalgia. -JxR

the no names x flashback friday buffy's back x jovel roystan 5

Pieces featured: TopMan cropped blazer, 21Men Buffy The Vampire Slayer tee, ASOS distressed denim jeans, Base London jodhpur boots, DUMB Accessories timepiece.

Photographed by Ryan Styles // HighFashionMen.