[TNN Edits]: Homme Boy x Homme School


One thing about NYC is that the seasons come and go just as fast as the people you interact with daily. With the low temperatures outside right now, I would say that Winter is here and will be here to stay for a while. Last weekend (which wasn’t as cold as it is now) I was going through my closet and found one of my favorite baseball tee’s that my friends over at Homme School sent me during the Spring season. I decided to layer it with my quilted flight jacket, my insanely comfortable drop crotch pants, metallic silver sneakers and of course my signature black hat. Just because the season changes doesn’t mean you can’t wear some of your favorite pieces from previous seasons. You’d be surprised what a few layering pieces and accessories can do.  I’m all about mixing high and low as well as old and new; tis the season to do just that! – Let us know what are some of your favorite pieces in your wardrobe that you will be transitioning this season… 



The Homme School brand is the connoisseur of beauty. It is the new age bohemian who see’s the world wide eyed, with an appreciation for the infinite allure inherent in nature, art, fashion, architecture, photography, music and culture. They are synthesizing fashion and urban culture to create a school of people who boldly represent their authentic selves. Homme is a French word for man but Homme School is a human brand. 


Goorin Bros Hat, ASOS sunglasses, H&M Diamond Flight Jacket, Homme School Baseball Tee, H&M Drop Crotch Trousers, ZARA Sneakers 


Photos x Johnny Self 


[The November Edition]: DIG New York

This fall, we’ve been pretty inspired. Inspired to do things bigger, better, and bolder than before, from [new] projects to [new] ways of doing the same old things. Case in point: DIG New York, the monthly party that we’ve been co-hosting with our buddies Tasha Tongpreecha and resident producers Jay xero & In the Night. This time around, we switched up the venue, livened up the guest list, and pumped up the volume.dig nov 1 dig nov 2

Bringing the good times to Le Baron in Chinatown, we took over the club last week for a totally awesome experience that lasted well into the “after hours” (sorry if you had to be at work early the next morning, haha). And helping us properly welcome the weekend that followed were DJ Keiichiro from 24HPP and our guest host Jacob Burton, who both added a fresh element to the sound and scene in a major way. Check out the memories below.