[TNN Music Mondays]: Change My Mind x Avery Wilson

The weekend is over (just that soon) and it’s Monday once again. As promised, every Monday I will be featuring a song that is in constant rotation in my music library. Last week’s #TNNMusicMonday was the song Soldier by UK duo Dora Martin and from the comments on my Instagram post, I am glad to see that many of you enjoy the song just as much as I do.

This week’s song comes from Avery Wilson, who many are probably familiar with from season 3 of The Voice. However, if you’re like me, you were introduced to him a bit later via his sick song covers on Vine and Instagram. I could and can always count on Avery to upload a video doing a run that would take me back to Sunday morning sitting in church listening to the choir SANG alongside my grandmother. That good ole’ “give you goosebumps” type of sanging!


song: change my mind | artist: avery wilson


This song is a bit different than most of the songs we’ve heard from Avery Wilson; in a good way. When I first came across this song about a week ago and saw that it featured Migos, the Atlanta side of me lit up. Once I pressed play and that beat dropped , it was a wrap. I love when Artists do things that we least expect and actually succeed at doing so. We know the boy can sing and this track proves that he can make us tap into our emotions and also get us hype; or at least that’s the case for me. #pressplay below to hear the song and let me know what you think via Instagram/Snapchat (kennethkyrell).

#TNNMusicMonday: Change My Mind x Avery Wilson 

Montauk Moments: The Bonfire

the no names x montauk moments x the bonfire 1So, this trip was packed with quite a few firsts for me. For starters, I’d never been to Montauk before, but also, I got to experience my first bonfire! Before heading back to the city, we stopped at 7-11, grabbed a few supplies, and hit the beach at nightfall to light things up.

the no names x montauk moments x the bonfire 2 the no names x montauk moments x the bonfire 3

It almost felt like I was a kid at sleepaway camp. We got the fire going, made s’mores (another long overdue first for me), and serenaded the rest of the beach as we listened to our playlist for the evening. On the 1’s and 2’s was “DJ Dreamy Keemy” with a clever playlist of “campfire songs” that had us cracking up and singing along track after track. And by camp[fire] songs, I’m talking about any track you could think of that was flame-, heat-, burn-, or inferno-related. Check out the playlist below and you’ll get it, haha:

The Ultimate Bonfire Playlist
1. Burn x Usher
2. Hot Boy x Migos
3. Disco Inferno x 50 Cent
4. We Be Burnin’ x Sean Paul
5. Fireman x Lil’ Wayne
6. Hot Boyz x Missy Elliot
7. Let It Burn x Jazmine Sullivan
8. On Fire x Lloyd Banks
9. Burning Up x Faith Evans ft. Missy & Freeway
10. Light Your Ass on Fire x Busta Rhymes ft. Pharrell

the no names x montauk moments x the bonfire 4 the no names x montauk moments x the bonfire 5 the no names x montauk moments x the bonfire 6

No doubt about it, this was one of the best weekends I’ve had this summer (so far). There’s nothing like good company, good fun, and a change of scenery to give you a much-needed recharge. And now… back to reality. -JxR

the no names x montauk moments x the bonfire 7