TNN Soundbox: Travis Garland x Rocket + Pusher Love Girl

So, for some reason, I’m finding myself obsessed with [rocket x beyoncé] tonight. I’ve literally listened to it back-to-back in five different ways — original, remixed, instrumental, screwed, the video, and finally, this amazing cover from Travis Garland. I’d heard his name before, but I can’t believe I’m only just now seeing this or hearing all that his voice has to offer. He’s kind of [spectacular]. In the video, he covers Bey’s track, as well as another 2013 fave of mine: [pusher love girl x justin timberlake]. Needless to say, he kills them both! #pressplay

Future Relics 02: A Short Film by Daniel Arsham

This morning, I came across a new project from Daniel Arsham, one of my favorite artists, and couldn’t wait to share it with you guys. Titled Future Relic 02, the piece is the second part of a series of films—nine, to be exact—that he developed to tell his story “about life after humanity’s ill-fated attempt to save the planet from ecological disaster.” Naturally, it falls right in line with the theme of his most recent exhibition, which viewers get the chance to check out in hi-def fashion. To bring the puzzling tale to life, Arsham recruited another beloved creative of mine, James Franco, aboard to play a “not all there” worker who “spends his days underground indexing and destroying objects from [a] civilization that was” (shout out to New York Times’ T Magazine for breaking down the concept).

You can get more background on the project by checking out these linked articles from [Complex] and [TMag], but if you’re ready to get to the good stuff, head below and #pressplay.

[sidebar]: co-starring alongside James and Arsham’s awesome creations was a custom spacesuit designed by the Public School boys. What a cast!