[Mental Mood]: Simple


Its been a while since I’ve done one of these right?! For some reason I stopped taking my camera with me places and would rely solely on my iPhone but I’ve made a pact with myself to start (once again) taking my camera places I go to capture things I come across in the city or in this particular case; to capture myself. Yesterday after taking care of a few things my bro Chenir and I headed downtown to one of my favorite [somewhat hidden] coffee shops to escape our day to day routine and bounce a few ideas about some upcoming projects off of each other. In the midst of the walk from the train to the coffee shop we came across this brick wall and considering I haven’t done a street style post in a while and I had my camera; I figured [why not]?


As you all probably know (from recent previous posts) I’ve been on this [minalist] kick lately and I can’t deny, its been really fun. I put on my favorite pair of pants, a black sweater, and some of the most comfortable shoes [slides] ever created with little to no thought and was out the door. There honestly isn’t much to the story but it certainly summarizes my current mental mood. The plot just may thicken eventually but for now I’m keeping things simple.


Goorin Bros Hat, All Saints Sweater, Zara Pants, Adidas Slides





This past weekend, AFROPUNK took over my neighborhood for AFROPUNK FEST 2014 and the atmosphere was amazing. I walked three streets over to Commodore Barry Park, where all the festivities took place and got lost in an ocean of black.


My partner-in-crime [kjohn_lasoul] and I roamed the scene, capturing the moments around us, from the interesting street style on deck to the dope performers that took the stage. Brooklyn was definitely buzzing with an overload of eclectic energy and good vibes.IMG_8326 IMG_8330 IMG_8352

Despite the cool crowd and all of the fun things going on around the festival, to be completely honest, I only went for one reason: SZA. She hit the stage Sunday afternoon and I couldn’t have been happier to finally catch her perform live. As soon as she came out with that big hair and fallen angel-like voice, all was right in the world.


You thought I was playing when I said [an ocean of black] above. Between the beautiful chocolate skin (of all shades), the actual afros (and other very afro-centric hairstyles), and the abundance of black attire, it was easy to see what the color of the weekend was. I kept it easy in my overalls — which added a nice touch of color to the mix. -JxRIMG_8414edited

Overdose On Fame NY snapback, American Apparel sheer tee, Zara overalls, Jeffrey Campbell The Damned leather creepers