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Being FIT is more than just a workout every now and then or deciding to eat less carbs; being FIT is about a LIFESTYLE. Over the last year or so I have really challenged myself to live a healthier life. I guess its something that you think about more often as you get older however, its something that everyone should keep in mind no matter how old or young they are. As hectic as my weeks may be I am sure to always take time out for myself to go to the gym and it is something that I have grown to love and look forward to. There is a change I want to see (and feel) so I figured in order to stay motivated and keep it fun, I would find other young professionals within NYC who have like goals. The man responsible for bringing us all together is none other than NYC Celebrity Fitness Trainer; Corey Rouse or as majority know him as, [The Fitness Guru of NYC].


I met Corey back in Atlanta when we both attended Morehouse College and he has always been about healthy living while looking and feeling your best and has a lot to do with my current outlook on both fitness and health. Last weekend we all headed to Long Island City (which just may be my new favorite place) to hit the obstacle course created by Corey that targeted muscles in my body that I didn’t even know exist. The view we had of Manhattan, the weather, and all the jokes going back and forth made all the pain we endured worth while. This weekend it all goes down again with a call time of 9AM and to be quite honest, I’ve been looking forward to it all week. You can get involved too and also say that you’ve experienced a Guru workout because on …

October 4th, Phylanthropic Inc. and The Fitness Guru of NYC present #TheGuruGames, a team-based obstacle course fitness competition focused on health and fitness located at Hunters Point South Park from noon til 4PM.

Corey’s workouts are no joke and I am positive that #TheGuruGames won’t be easy but who doesn’t like a challenge right?! I’ve been appointed Captain of my team and we are definitely coming to win so if you plan on stepping foot on that field just understand that its every TEAM for themselves!






The Guru Games is a proud supporter of Health Corps inspiring inner city youth to adopt a healthy lifestyle through education.

Photos by Marcus Rosendoll

TNN Soundbox: Melanie Martinez

melanie martinez x the no names x tnn soundbox

This morning, I caught my first glimpse of the new season of American Horror Story and, needless to say, I got really excited. This fourth tale, titled Freak Show, apparently revolves around this creepy carnival of… well, freaks. I checked out the trailer as I took my morning dose of caffeine and, surprisingly, the song featured in the preview caught my attention more than anything else. The track in question: Carousel. The artist: Melanie Martinez.

After getting her foot in the door during season three of The Voice, the 19-year old dropped her debut EP, Dollhouse, earlier this year and it’s pretty cool. I absolutely love music projects that take me on one fluid ride from the first track through to the last and this one does just that. With only four songs, the mood and melody flows almost seamlessly through the 15-minute album and puts you in this other world — one that’s a little creepy, a little dark, but definitely cohesive (no wonder FX thought it would make the perfect soundtrack for the trailer).

And if you were wondering if she can actually sing, I think her audition clip from the The Voice gives a spot-on look at her rather soulful sound. I love it. But what I love even more is how she’s taken those smooth vocals and dished it out on in a cool alterna-rock way that falls in line perfectly with her brand. I’m looking forward to seeing more of her. You can check out her Dollhouse EP now on Spotify.