Chevron Pop: The Cuban Collar Shirt.

Whether it’s stylish cropped trousers or flashy souvenir jackets, I’m sure we’ve all seen a ton of 50’s inspiration walking down the streets this summer—I know I have. From fashion week last month to my Instagram timeline, the Cuban collar shirt (a.k.a. the revere collar or bowling shirt) has been pretty much unavoidable, and I’m definitely not mad about it. I got a couple styles that I’m obsessed with at the moment, the first of which is this zig-zagged bad boy below.

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Elements of Style: Long Live the Earth Tones.

Over the past few years, I’ve really fallen in love with earth tones. Tans. Olives. Greys. Browns. I can’t get enough of them. This morning, I sifted through my drawers and closets for something to wear and, one piece at a time, I put together a head-to-toe colorblocked look made of my favorite neutral pieces.

jovel roystan x summer transition earth tones i

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