[Red Carpet Blitz]: MET Gala 2015

#ChineseLookingGlass — that was theme for last night’s Met Gala, and as I’m sure we all expected, it produced some pretty interesting red carpet looks. For the third year in a row, I’m putting together my all-star team of the attendees who pulled out my favorite looks and there’s a nice little mix of dramatics and simplistic excellence.

This year, Rihanna maintained her position as QB from last year’s event. Not only did she nail the concept, but she shut everything down. The gown was totally the showstopper people were waiting for. Right behind her, Beyonce’s my team captain for the night — she actually had my favorite look of the evening. This is the first time I really [loved] one of her gala looks, so she totally earned a top spot. Rookie of the year goes to Zendaya, who I expect to go far in this game, and bringing the most heat to my offensive line would have to be Zoe Kravitz. She just looked… like [wow]. Check out the rest of the team below. -JxR

the no names x red carpet blitz x met gala 2015

[my 2015 team roster: Solange, Sarah Jessica Parker, B. Carter,
Sienna Miller, Zoe Kravitz, Naomi Campbell, Rihanna, Zendaya,
Adrien Brody, Dao-Yi Chow, Maxwell Osborne, Michael B. Jordan].

[TNN #InstaTalent]: @jamestakesny

People often ask me what my favorite social media platform is and without a doubt I always say “Instagram… with Snapchat being next in line” (shamless plug- #followme on both Instagram & Snapchat: @kennethkyrell). I swear every time I scroll my IG timeline, I come across something new that typically becomes a favorite of mine. Whether its a new place in the city to eat, underground music, or a dope new fashion line. About 2 weeks ago, my friend @RileySWilson posted an insanely cool illustration of himself that was drawn by @JamesTakesNY (James A. McCollum). Soon after checking out his page and liking what I saw, I decided to follow him.

Long story short, today at work I received a tagged photo notification and to my surprise, he had drawn a picture of both Jovel and I which captured our favorite facial expressions perfectly and to put the icing on the cake, we were both wearing Calvin Klein. Lately we’ve been the subjects of some really talented Artists and its so cool to see how each one decides to portray us in their drawings.



James McCollum, is a native of Southern Maryland who has had a passion for Art and all that it involves for as long as he can remember. James has always been known to carry his sketchbook everywhere he goes and it was during his high school years with an Architecture and Interior Design focus when he realized illustration is what made him feel complete. James moved to New York in the Fall of 2012 to pursue a double major in Spanish and Communications. Even though majoring in another field, James continued conceptualizing and illustrating portraits and commissioned works. Now, James’ love of both drawing and Fashion has evolved into a personal admiration for editoral-esque portraits and fashion illustrations. Be sure to follow him on Instagram and check out some of his drawings; you may just be his next subject.