[InstaReport]: 3 Style Laws from (capsule) NY x Men’s FW15

I’d say my favorite thing about going to trade shows isn’t seeing the collections early or scoping out the trends, but rather looking at the people around me. I swear it’s like a biannual meeting of some of the dopest dressers from across the globe. I got a little excited as I walked the floor. So much so that I started taking pictures of strangers. You could definitely see some clear style laws in place, and the crowd had no problem obeying. Below are my three favorites. - JxR

the no names x capsule men's NY FW15 x street style trends - ALL-BLACK

(capsule) Style Law 1. All-black is still the king of fashion statements.
So many guys (and girls) were wearing all-black today — they reminded that there are countless ways to make it your own. If you ask me, no other color (on its own) lets you show off your personality and style like this one.

the no names x capsule men's NY FW15 x street style trends - BEANIE BOYS

(capsule) Style Law 2. All the coolest dudes wear beanies — with any and everything.
Even though I’ve been wearing beanies all season long, I never noticed just how great they look until I laid eyes on some of the guys at the show. Not only is it a cool, laid-back accent, but you can incorporate into almost any look. Try it.

the no names x capsule men's NY FW15 x street style trends 3

(capsule) Style Law 3. The coolest color combo right now = navy + black + white
I’ve been in love with this combo ever since I saw my buddy Drew’s dope navy/black get-up during NYFW last season; and apparently, we’re not the only fans of this dark-toned match-up. I’d say that with every corner I turned, I noticed someone else wearing the two colors — and this guy’s bright white sneakers add even more to the look in my opinion. Definitely a trusty trio to call on next time you’re stuck wondering what to pull out of your closet.

Sidebar: It wasn’t until after I started working on this post that I realized I was actually wearing the trio today too (maybe that’s why I liked it so much, haha).

[TNN Mini]: même Spring 2015 Collection


The office has been a bit chaotic as we are well underway with all the planning that goes into our Spring 2015 photoshoots for upcoming lookbooks, trend reports, and more. Being responsible for the Men’s and Kid’s divisions at work, I am always online looking for new designers, upcoming trends, and various ways people are translating the trends into their everyday style. As I learn more and more about the Kid’s business within the Industry, it makes me more eager to follow Kid’s trends and forecasts. I will have to be honest and say that I can not wait til the day I have a mini-me; a smaller version of myself? Us two together? I’m not sure if the world is ready — now that I think about it a little more, I am not sure if I’m ready (hmmmm).

Recently I was introduced to même, a Kidswear brand that is responsible for making some really big trends for Spring 2015 available for the little ones (those 10 years and under to be exact). Beanies, Joggers, Completer Pieces and more (all of which are  unisex) featured in this collection are on trend and also give back to a good cause. The brand will be donating 10% of all purchases to the non-profit organization, Art for Heart in an effort to help children overcome trauma through creative expression — a cause I support wholeheartadly. Their online shop will be launched very soon and from the looks of things I am sure these pieces will go extremely fast. I love brands that do things their own way and find a way to give back; whether big or small.




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