[The Black Boy & The Tree] x Shikeith Cathey, Staring Michael Oloyede

Sometimes it seems like its almost impossible to do simple things in NYC such as catching up with friends over drinks or dinner. Last night Chad, Michael, Leia, and myself made it a point to block out 2 hours to have dinner at one of our favorite places to catch up on each others lives, discuss music, current books we’re reading and of course the jokes going back and forth across the table were on 100. After all, we haven’t been together as a group since we interned together during the summer of 2011 — so yes, it was long overdue!

While we were at dinner, Michael received a notification that a recent project he worked on with another one of my favorite people, Shikeith Cathey had just been posted online for the world to see. The project is called The Black Boy & The Tree”, written and directed by Shikeith. The short film follows a black man played by Michael Oloyede in the woods where he attempts to convince a black boy to come down from a dangerous tree he has made his home. This film tells the story of many black men and boys, who suffer the consequences of a cultural practice that routinely shames black males for experiencing hurt outside of systematic racial oppression. 

Extremely proud of both Shikeith and Michael and inspired by their talents and perseverance. Check out the short film below #pressPLAY:

The [TNN] Holiday Gift Guide: Pt. III

A gift guide isn’t complete with just clothing and accessories, you have to touch on all elements of a lifestyle. Whether you’re shopping for a bookworm, a total homebody or a music junkie, I pulled together a few cool options to help you knock out that shopping list once and for all. -J


Home is Where the Art Is
As young adults, our apartments (and dorm rooms) become home, which means we each need a space custom-fit for our personalities. A cool canvas print is an awesome way to show the people you know best just how much you get them, not to mention help step up their decor scheme, too.
the no names x holiday gift guide 2015 x canvas art
L to R: There Is Always Hope Balloon Girl by Banksy; Jaws by Adam ListerBat-Donuts by Gregoire “Leon” GuilleminMacarons by Rongrong DeVoe.


Music to their Ears
For those of you shopping for my fellow music lovers, I stumbled upon this super dope headphones collaboration between COACH and the audio experts at Harman Kardon. Wireless, stylish and decked out with touch-sensitive controls, these bad boys are sure to please, trust me.
the no names x holiday gift guide 2015 x headphones
COACH x Harman Kardon soho varsity stripe and soho wild beast wireless headphones.


The TNN Holiday Reading List
Note—yes, I have each of these and can vouch for their awesomeness.
Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs
Perfect for the aspiring photographers and budding bloggers out there, this super easy guide to photo basics totally changed the way I look at my camera.
For the girls who love street style, the team at Refinery29 put together the perfect guide to take your wardrobe to a whole new level.
You can think of this book like a lush’s bible—it’s packed with hundreds of refreshing recipes that’ll impress any guest that stops by your home bar.
This one is for my young bosses who are serious about upgrading their careers, dreams and day to day lives NOW, not tomorrow. It breaks down a simple secret that’ll change every aspect of your reality.
the no names x holiday gift guide 2015 x books
And for those of your friends who aren’t major readers, get them a subscription to their favorite publications—or one that you think fits them. It’s a gift that keeps on giving, in more ways than one.
the no names x holiday gift guide 2015 x magazines
For Her: Glamour. For Him: GQ.