TNN Soundbox: Banks x Fuck With Myself

BANKS is a very special artist to me. I think of her as musical wifey material—she always comes through. I can’t name too many artists who have [never] disappointed me, but she continues to deliver time after time, from her visuals to her vocals to her music.

Last week, she dropped the video for her new single, Fuck With Myself, and I think it’s so good. I love it when performers can really sell the art they’re trying to create. I’ll explain. If you’ve listened to her work, you know she’s no pop princess, right? She’s got these dusky, but electrifying vocals, her vibe is much darker (without being off-putting), and her visuals complement her brand and sound perfectly. I buy into every movement she makes in front of the camera. Nothing looks like it was hard for her or uncomfortable to do. It’s effortless mastery of her art. Just #pressplay and you’ll see what I mean. -J

TNN Soundbox: What’s New, July?

It’s been a minute since I’ve done a music post for you guys, so I thought it was about time to fix that. This past week, we got a few new videos that I’m pretty pumped about. Up first is a great example of how you kickoff your comeback moment, followed by the latest from my favorite band across the pond, and lastly, we got some tropical visuals for one of my favorite #summersixteen anthems. -J


M.I.L.F $ – Fergie

So, more than anything, I have to post this from a branding perspective. Talk about a comeback announcement. Backed up by a posse of some of Hollywood’s hottest MILFs (and I say that respectfully, of course), she dropped a fun, attention-grabbing video from start to finish. And more importantly, you can tell that her and her team really tried to make something relevant and now, without trying too hard. It feels like the perfect level of effort went into it and she looks like she wants to get it right. Musically, I don’t expect it to be the hottest track of the summer, but I think the song hits pretty well. I’d say it’s a good start to this new chapter of her career and I’m definitely looking forward to the new album (and plenty more videos on this level).

Somebody Else – The 1975

The 1975 is one of my favorite bands, all around. Their sound, aesthetic, and overall vibe make so much sense to my inner music junkie. They just released the video for Somebody Else, my favorite track from their sophomore album, and I couldn’t wait to watch all 8 minutes of it. The lyrics have a familiar sting for those of us who’ve been in that emotional situation before (and we all have), but the video lightens up the #mood a bit with a long, drunken night. Check it out.

All In My Head (Flex) – Fifth Harmony ft. Fetty Wap

Honesty time: Of all the artists and groups out right now, there are very few that confuse me more than Fifth Harmony. It’s weird. I do like their music—7/27 is a good album—but something about them just doesn’t click for me. I don’t know if it’s their lack of real chemistry as a team (my personal opinion) or if they just aren’t naturally as cool as most of the other acts I get into (again, personal opinion), but I always have mixed emotions. All that aside, I’m very sure of how I feel about this track. The morning before I actually saw the video, I had asked myself why they hadn’t dropped this as their fire ass summer single yet (yeah, my timing was on point, haha). Well, it’s finally here and the song is one of my favorites for the season. Enjoy it.

Bonus Track: Many Things – Keke Palmer

I’m sharing this video too because I love Keke Palmer. She’s just tight. Period. Kenneth and I got to meet her backstage at Cinderella: The Musical back in 2014 and she really is as cool as she looks in this video and all her other appearances. A chill, but fun twenty-something just figuring it all out and enjoying things along the way. My kinda chick.