[#PressPlay]: Carpool Karaoke featuring Adele

Pictures say a thousand words therefore, an actual video must say many more right? At least those are my thoughts. If you’re an avid reader of TNN then you know how much I enjoy spending time on the internet watching interviews and documentaries. If you didn’t know that, you now know Kenneth Kyrell a little bit better :) This morning before answering emails and getting to my to do list for the day, I logged onto Youtube to see what new videos have posted from the channels I subscribe to and saw the “Adele Car Karaoke” video just sitting there waiting for me to #pressplay. Now I love Adele and her ability to get me in my feeling every time I listen to her powerhouse voice but this video below introduced me to a different side of the songstress; a side that made me more of a fan. From talking about her loyalty to the Spice Girls and spitting a Nicki Minaj verse so eloquently; my day has pretty much been made! This video is hilarious and will leave you feeling all warm and happy on the inside…

[2015]: The Soundtrack.

2015 was an awesome year in music for me—thanks, largely, to Spotify. Between New Music Friday exposing me to some of the dopest tracks week after week to collaborating with one of my favorite music lovers on a cool new playlist, I just couldn’t put down the headphones.

To put things into context a bit, my Spotify Year in Music informed that I listened to 85,000 minutes of music (59% more than last year); played 1,065 artists (483 more than in 2014); and listened to 2,959 different songs (718 more than ’14). I can’t wait to see what’s going to drop in 2016, but for now, I thought I’d share my 15 favorite music moments of the past year. -J

Let’s start with that one time…

the no names x music x jovel roystan 2015 soundtrack i

  1. When BANKS dropped Better and changed my life and ear drums forever.
  2. When the Hunger Games: Mockingjay: Pt. I soundtrack just kept getting more and more amazing with each listen—a year later.
  3. When Carly Rae Jepsen dropped her third studio album, Emotion, and somehow became one of my favorite pop artists.
  4. When I heard Rumble in the Park by Catey Shaw and learned how to vibe out in my apartment like never before.
  5. When Disclosure and Sam Smith somehow managed to drop another amazing single together that matched all of Latch’s greatness.
  6. When Lil’ Mama dropped Sausage in what is the most epic comeback in music history to date.
  7. When my boy turned me on to Kehlani and she took over my playlists for a month straight (and then finding out she got nominated for a Grammy!).
  8. When Hailee Steinfeld surprised me, first with Love Myself, but then with Hell Nos and Headphones (easily one of my top ten tracks of the year).the no names x music x jovel roystan 2015 soundtrack ii
  9. When Spotify informed me that Ariana Grande was my most listened to artist of 2015—no doubt, due to All My Love, Be My Baby and Love Me Harder.
  10. When Justine Skye’s I’m Yours and Anticipation made me want to fall in love.
  11. When Sleep On It woke me up to all of Emmi’s dopeness.
  12. When Ellie Goulding dropped one infectious single after another throughout the course of 2015, leading up to the solid album she dropped last month.
  13. When Troye Sivan and The Internet absolutely impressed me with their 2015 releases. They were my first intros to both and they’re definitely on my favorites list.
  14. When Fetty Wap made me like rap again.
  15. When fellow music enthusiast Kaity Wong and I created our vibes playlist and I discovered some of the dopest chillout and alternative artists out right now.

Follow me on Spotify for what I’ll be tuning into next year, and check out my 2015: The Soundtrack playlist now to hear all of my favorite songs from the past twelve months.