[TNN Concept Series]: NativeDanger Part I


Our second [TNN Concept Series] is ready and we’re really excited to share it. Again, these projects are all about conceptualizing an idea, developing it, and bringing it to life. We took another powerful brand, explored its DNA, and put a [tnn] spin on it. This time around, we switched things up and stepped out of our comfort zones. Things got a little dark and a tad bit twisted. This is…


After a chance encounter with the brand’s creative director, Skyler Javier, we instantly knew that there was something extraordinary about NativeDanger. And that word, [extraordinary] —  very unusual or remarkable, fits perfectly. Yeah, the collection is filled with functionality and amazing design, but the most important factor is the sensation we felt when we saw the pieces. ND makes you… [feel] things.


Sometimes it’s easier to just paint a picture than it is to put something in words. If you asked us to describe NativeDanger, we could say this or that, but we’d much rather show you how it made us feel.

Stay tuned for Part II…