Elements of SS16: A Style Guide to Spring/Summer 2016 Men’s Fashion Trends

Alright guys, I know Mother Nature showed up to the party extremely late, but thankfully, the long-awaited warmer weather is finally here—and with it, comes a whole new set of style statements that [I can’t wait] to explore for spring/summer 2016. Each season, I drop this menswear trend series spotlighting my favorite elements of fashion inspiration for the months ahead, but this time around, as I started brainstorming for the project, I found myself asking a lot of questions…

How can I make this one better?
More interesting?
More special?

I mean, dropping the same thing every six months—you know, the usual runways recaps and more photos of myself—can get a little tired. So… I thought bigger.
Elements of SS16: Spring/Summer 2016 Men's Trends on Issuu. By Jovel RoystanThe result? I corralled together a group of some of my favorite style bloggers and influencers—old friends (and new), colleagues, role models—to help me bring SS16’s biggest menswear trends to life in a fresh new way. Throughout this downloadable e-book, you’ll find all of our thoughts, tips, & tricks organized into an easy guide to help you nail all of your looks this season. Needless to say, we’re anxious to see how you fellas hit the streets over these next few months. Okay, enough talking from me. Check it out. -J

SS16 Menswear Trends:

Pajama Silhouettes
Retro 50’s Inspiration
Wide-Leg Trousers
Power Stripes
The Essentials

You can read [Elements of SS16] now on Issuu or
click here to download a free copy for offline reading (and inspiration) later.