Fueled by innovative thinking and a need to put the right side of our brains in motion, [the no names] was founded in 2011 and has taken a microscopic view of rising brands in the creative industries, ranging from fashion and art to music and film. We like to pay special attention to “the no names.” You know, those brands that are low-key, underground, anti-mainstream or whatever else you want to call it–at least for now. After all, why discuss what everyone else is already buzzing about?

After years of studying the science of building identities for both people and products, our minds are set on moving from brand observers to [brand influencers]. Pulling from trend-driven insights into consumer behavior and equipped with a background in marketing and creative direction, we want [the no names] to evolve from being just a blog and begin functioning more as a branding agency.

More than just about branding, [the no names] is a lifestyle. It’s about building our personal brands as much as the ones that we work with and cover. It’s about being ourselves in every way. It’s about showing others they can do the same. In addition to the brands we celebrate, we invite you to take a look at our lives, both professionally and socially, in raw form.


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