[TNN Concept Series]: NativeDanger Part II


With this concept series, the brand made it so easy for us. NativeDanger is the perfect blend of fashion, futurism, and functionalityWith that in mind, our goal for the project was to speak to each of those elements in our own way, the result of which you’ll find below. But before we let you [press play], we’ve got to break down the featured pieces from their SS14 collection for you. Trust us, they’re amazing. Have you ever come across an article of clothing that gives you a [buzz] when you put it on… A piece that’s so electrifying and powerful that you can’t help but get overwhelmed for a second? It was like that, but with each piece. Not just because of the aesthetics, but also the masterful thought and construction involved.


Inspired by a desire to translate the unseen into the seen and sprinkled with elements of mecha and anime genres of popular culture, the lines look like something you’d see in an awesome science fiction flick. And like a wardrobe pulled out of a movie set in 2114, each piece has amazing features that make them stand apart from the typical everyday collection. You can tell that the guys behind the brand really think about how to make, not just cool, attractive apparel, but intelligent pieces that sit on a higher level of design.


 Short-sleeved Button-Downs with Detachable Crop Vests — Available in black and white colorways, these 3-in-1 garments feature fitted button-downs, detachable cropped vests (for a little summertime crop top effect, if you can rock it…), and of course, the layered look with both pieces worn at once. Regardless of which option you choose, you’ll offer up a clean visual of sartorial excellence.

Neoprene Varsity Jacket — One of the standout pieces of the collection is the killer black varsity jacket. As if the neoprene body wasn’t enough, it’s equipped with detachable arms for another multi-faceted look — go from the jacket to a vest with little to no effort.

Precipitation Barrier — Packed with popping zippers, unique pocket features, reflective linings, and a blend of nylon, lycra, and PVC, this hoodie is far from average. The transparent layers on the body make you feel like you’re traveling forward in time and the double collar is like icing on the cake.


Take a look at the pieces in action below and check out each garment (as well as the rest of the collection) on ShopNativeDanger.com. Okay, okay… You can #pressplay now.

Visit NativeDanger.com for more from the brand and see the world through their eyes by visiting their Tumblr page.