TNN Soundbox: Banks x Fuck With Myself

BANKS is a very special artist to me. I think of her as musical wifey material—she always comes through. I can’t name too many artists who have [never] disappointed me, but she continues to deliver time after time, from her visuals to her vocals to her music.

Last week, she dropped the video for her new single, Fuck With Myself, and I think it’s so good. I love it when performers can really sell the art they’re trying to create. I’ll explain. If you’ve listened to her work, you know she’s no pop princess, right? She’s got these dusky, but electrifying vocals, her vibe is much darker (without being off-putting), and her visuals complement her brand and sound perfectly. I buy into every movement she makes in front of the camera. Nothing looks like it was hard for her or uncomfortable to do. It’s effortless mastery of her art. Just #pressplay and you’ll see what I mean. -J