[White Skies. Chocolate. Leather.]: The 1975

I’ve always appreciated the power music holds. Whether it’s a song, an album, or the artists responsible for it all, every now and then you’ll stumble across something you really connect with for one reason or another. The moment I discovered The 1975 on Spotify, I knew I was going to like what these guys were about. Their self-titled debut album dropped early last month and I’ve been listening to it everyday since.

THE 1975 I

From the music to their look, the band represents a lot of what I admire about the British. I feel like I get a slightly distorted, but fun glimpse of the culture each time I [press play]. Plus, the guys give off this natural aura of [cool] that I instantly gravitated towards. It’s an edge that’s a little dark, a little off, a little wrong, but exciting. It’s kind of hard to put in words, but sometimes images go further than any explanation. The album was my soundtrack as I got ready this morning and I sort of channeled that [cool] I mentioned as I pulled this look together.

THE 1975 II

THE 1975 III

THE 1975 V

THE 1975 IV iii

THE 1975 VI

THE 1975 VII


THE 1975 IX